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#29 “gayby”

“Gayby” is yet another portmanteau word (one that combines two words into one) of the words “gay” and “baby” and refers to the little tykes that are adopted or conceived by a gay, lesbian or LGBT couple.

While this word might not yet have caught on in wider circles, there are already “gaybys” being featured on primetime television, as on the ABC sitcom, “Modern Family“.

1. noun: a child that is adopted into a gay, lesbian or LGBT family or home.

Ex: “Chuck… Larry!  Your little Fuschia is just the cutest little gayby I have ever seen!”

[Origin: Most likely American.  Related words: “gaydar”, “gaysian”, “gayborhood”, etc.]


#28 “green queen”

Not only does this phrase rhyme (something I love to do), but it describes yours truly. Modern life revolves around the concept of “going green”, and almost every industry is capitalizing off of climate change. From the hybrid car to the bio-degradable multi-surface cleaner, we buy-in to our culture’s immediate response to an enormous problem. And we all experience climate change and the effects of the petrol-chemical industries each day – from hormones, pharmaceuticals and other chemicals that remain in our drinking water, to the incremental changes in temperature across the globe.

The average person will not necessarily be aware of these facts as they go about their daily routine. Because even though there is a lot of noise about climate change, and of devastation and irreversible damage to our natural resources, only certain folks seem to be hearing it. I like to refer to a gay man who is conscious of his day-to-day impact on the environment as a Green Queen.

1. noun: an environmentally-conscious homosexual/gay man.

Ex: “I saw the cutest Green Queen recycling his batteries and cell phone charger at Whole Foods the other day.”

[Origin: Yours truly. Not to be confused with one of many women’s websites that focus one the environmentally-conscious woman’s point of view; see here, here, here, and even here.]

#9 “Tina”

When it comes to thinking up catchy phrases and nicknames for illicit drugs, no one does it better than gay men.  The term “Tina,” or “Teena” is widely used in gay communities as the casual or street term for crystal methamphetamine.

The name derived from the fact that the drug is commonly bought in sixteenth of an ounce packages; known as a “teena.”  The name has also been attributed to the Western female name, Christina, which sounds similar to part of the drugs name, “crystal.”

[Origin: Most likely American, either San Francisco or New York City.  The phrase was popularized by men frequenting online dating sites in the late 1990s and early 2000s.]

For a comprehensive list of  Methamphetamine slang terms, visit KCI: The Anti-Meth Site.  Many LGBT, HIV/AIDS  and anti-drug organizations have focused on this particular drug in the past ten years for being so closely linked with the increase in HIV infection rates among young men.  “Hurricane Tina” was a successful ad campaign and program launched by Gay Men’s Health Crisis in New York City in 2007 to spread awareness of this troubling trend.

#7 “breeder”

“Breeder” is a slang term that gay people use when describing straight people in either a derogatory or humorous manner. It is drawn from animal husbandry; implying that heterosexual sexual contact has more to do with reproduction than anything else.


1. a derogatory term used to describe straight people in light of their ability to reproduce

: “Look at this place. It used to be so cool, and now it’s filled with a bunch of breeders.”


#2 “twink”

Pretty, young fit gay men with blond hair seem to have it all, don’t they? An active sex life, the attention of many other gay men, and a busy social life. In gay society, men who look like this are called “twinks.” Commonly, the term is used to describe someone who is either in their late teens or early twenties, or at least appears to be.

The term was initially used to describe attractive, young, gay Caucasian men who have very little or no body hair and a lean build. Initially, the term also only referred to blonds, but has grown to be inclusive of other young men whose physical features closely match those described above, but are not blond or even Caucasian.

“Twink” can be used in a insulting manner and is commonly modified to be more descriptive, such as: femme twink, butch twink, jock twink, etc. As such, the term has become widely popular in the gay porn industry and is used when defining genres of film.

[Origin: Most likely makes reference to the Hostess Twinkie; the yellow, cream-filled, cylindrical snack cake.]