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*Straight talk on Gay language, one word at-a-time.

#26 transfag/tryke

In most cases, I am not a particular fan of the words “fag” or “dyke.” But for today’s post, I am bending my own rules to introduce a pair of really interesting terms. Today we are getting two words for the price of one! I think of them as like a yin and yang of transsexual terms. I recently came across “transfag” and “tryke” while doing some internet research for today’s post. It seems as if there are as many ways to classify a person’s sexuality – as there are people. I am constantly intrigued by the ways in which people refer to themselves and others when it relates to sex.

transfag – 1. noun: a person who is both both gay and female-to-male (f-t-m) transsexual. [Related: FTG (female-to-gay). See tryke.]

tryke – 1. noun: a person who is a male-to-female (m-t-f) transsexual and is also a lesbian. [Related: transdyke, female lesbian. See transfag.]



  Jolea wrote @

Hey girl hey! Thanks for defining so many terms that have been all too new to me! I hate having to ask my queens what things like “PnP” and things like that mean… whew! Glad I ran across you! Keep up the good work!

  Joshiku wrote @

You’re Welcome, Jolea! Now get on the good foot, and start using these words! -JKU

  Dan Massey wrote @


These are like girlfag and guydyke, except the transness is differently expressed. See Wikipedia.


  joshiku wrote @

Awesome, thanks for the tip Dan I will check it out! Thanks for reading and promoting my little piece of sunshine on the interweb!

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