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#26 transfag/tryke

In most cases, I am not a particular fan of the words “fag” or “dyke.” But for today’s post, I am bending my own rules to introduce a pair of really interesting terms. Today we are getting two words for the price of one! I think of them as like a yin and yang of transsexual terms. I recently came across “transfag” and “tryke” while doing some internet research for today’s post. It seems as if there are as many ways to classify a person’s sexuality – as there are people. I am constantly intrigued by the ways in which people refer to themselves and others when it relates to sex.

transfag – 1. noun: a person who is both both gay and female-to-male (f-t-m) transsexual. [Related: FTG (female-to-gay). See tryke.]

tryke – 1. noun: a person who is a male-to-female (m-t-f) transsexual and is also a lesbian. [Related: transdyke, female lesbian. See transfag.]


#25 full house

The best part about writing a blog that unearths popular, obscure, and interesting words and phrases is the constant bombardment with creative and useful language.  Now when it comes to discussing sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs), there is definitely no exception to the number of nicknames and euphemisms that have been created to refer to, and talk “around”, the subject.

I find the phrase “full house” to be as charming as is it practical.  Now if only we could get more people to wear condoms more of the time…

1. noun: having more than one sexually-transmitted disease (STD) at the same time.

Ex: “Oh Gurl, Michael’s so nasty, did you hear she got a full house?  Yeah, gonorrhea and syphilis at the same time!”

[Origin: Most likely British.  Related to the third-highest hand dealt in a game of poker, or to the popular 1980s television series both of the same name.]

#24 “disco nap”

This is a widely-used phrase in the gay clubbing community that refers to a brief (maybe 20-90 minute) nap, which someone takes in between two large events (e.g., dinner, raves, work shift, and circuit parties). Because both events will probably last for many hours, there is little time to sleep in-between them.
Yours truly took part in the act of this post last night.  In preparation for a night out on the town, I took to the couch for a bit of respite, relaxation, rest.  With the remote in my hand, and some cucumber facial creme over my lids, I was determined to catch some Z’s before heading out at midnight for some dancing.  There are many ways to prepare for a night out-on-the-town, but the simplest and most effective will always and forever be, the “disco nap.”

1. noun: a short period of rest and/or rest, which is carried out in preparation for a night of clubbing, dancing, and perhaps, drinking.

Ex: “I had a really long day at work today, so I am going to have to take a disco nap tonight before we go out!” or “Gurl, I am fading from that last party, can we take a disco nap before we go back out?!”

[See also: “beauty rest”]