Word of the Gay

*Straight talk on Gay language, one word at-a-time.

#15 “mince”

Traditionally, “mince” is a term used to describe cutting things into tiny pieces, or that tasty mixture of chopped dried fruit, distilled spirits and spices, and sometimes beef, suet or venison. In gay terms, it can be described similarly, as a mixture of coiffed aged fruit, distilled in spirits and silibate “S’s,” and sometimes a bit of meat.

“Mincing” describes actions that a man (gay or straight) might make which appear to be odd or even give the impression of femininity or effeminence. Most likely derived from “mincing;” the act of cutting items into small pieces – the phrase came to be synonymous with taking small, dainty steps or speaking in an overly dainty or elegant manner.

1. having an effeminate or feminine appearance, position or attitude: a mincing walk.
2. (of the gait, speech, behavior, etc.) affectedly dainty, nice, or elegant. Courtesy of: Dictionary.com

–verb (used without object)
1. (of a person) to be in an effeminate or feminine position: to mince around.
2. to speak with an affected elegance or pretense.

: “Look at him mincing down the street!”

Related: mince, mincer, mincing, minced, minces

[Origin: unknown; may be attributed to the act of mincing (cutting objects into tiny, dainty pieces).]


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