Word of the Gay

*Straight talk on Gay language, one word at-a-time.

#7 “breeder”

“Breeder” is a slang term that gay people use when describing straight people in either a derogatory or humorous manner. It is drawn from animal husbandry; implying that heterosexual sexual contact has more to do with reproduction than anything else.


1. a derogatory term used to describe straight people in light of their ability to reproduce

: “Look at this place. It used to be so cool, and now it’s filled with a bunch of breeders.”




  AMC wrote @

A modern example of a gay bar that met its demise due to an influx of breeders is the Meat Packing haunt Hell. One might also consider entire neighborhoods being overtaken by breeders, as evidenced through Creative Visions bookstore on Hudson between Charles and Perry in the historically gay West Village being closed and re-opened as Bellydance Maternity Clothing.

  joshiku wrote @

Gurrrl, I miss Hell er’ry day….

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