Word of the Gay

*Straight talk on Gay language, one word at-a-time.

#1 “Mary”

Gay guys love addressing each other through the use of a female name. “Mary” is their favorite. If you hear a gay using a female name to address another man, he probably thinks that the other is: a) effeminate, b) outlandish, or c) both.

1. a feminine name used as a substitute for a gay man’s given name, used with affection, ridicule, or familiarity by another gay man
2. a popular greeting or salutation used by gay men to address other gay men they believe to be more effeminate.

: “Hey Mary, how’s it going?

: “Calm down, Mary!”

: “Teabag him, Mary!

[Origin: unknown; may be attributed to the popular American actress Mary Tyler Moore.]



  AustyBostyBear wrote @

Hail Mary! It’s a new Blog!

  Maxine wrote @

I, personally, call everyone Mary. Gay, straight, male, female. Everyone. I think it may also stem from the Virgin Mary and the irony therein implied.

Love the etymology, btw.

  sammy25 wrote @

My fag-hag calls me Mary all the time, then I call her Mary right back…I have fallen in live with this blog!!!!!!!!!!!! I am adding you to my blogroll.

  Eddie S wrote @

I personally use Sally Jesse Raphael instead of Mary.

:”Calm the fuck down Sally Jesse Raphael”

  The Gay Comunication Skills | QUEER ME UP wrote @

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